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Photography by

Faby & Carlo

About the Artist

I was born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska. I started off wanting to be a costume designer, then an actress, then a singer, then an animator, then a children's book illustrator... Now I'm living outside of London, UK, and have combined all of my interests into a freelance lifestyle. The result? An incredibly busy schedule filled with interesting places, talented friends, and the opportunity to use all of my skills and learn some useful new ones along the way. 


I work primarily by commission, but you can buy a few of my pieces through Fine Art America.


If you have any ideas for a card, a gift, logo, portrait,

or something else, feel free to contact me! 

(Seriously, after designing tattoos, painting the side of a house, light switch plates and shoes, NOTHING is out of the question:)


I'll look forward to hearing your ideas!

Rachel Marquez








Rachel is also a freelance actress, singer, model and dancer.

To visit her acting page, please click the button below!

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