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My first Children's Book is now available on Amazon in both the USA and Europe!
"There is nothing more special than the bond between father and daughter. My Little Girl is a story of a daughter who tests her father's assurance that yes, she will always be his little girl. The My Little Girl story moves beyond the traditional bounds of the children's book. My Little Girl provides parents the opportunity to gently engage their children in a discussion of real-world challenges such as bad grades, getting in trouble, and falling short of goals all within context of the loving bond between a father and his little girl."
It's a great gift for any fathers or little girls in your lives. Click on the pictures below to be re-directed to the Amazon website in the USA (left) or the UK (right). Or, Click Here to buy it on Barnes and Noble's website. 
The following pieces are available to purchase via my Fine Art America account!
They offer a selection of products featuring my artwork ranging from prints and canvases to cards and bags.
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