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"Creative Eye" Animatic Trailer 

The promotional trailer for Selene Creative's upcoming short film. 

For more examples of my work, please contact me directly. Not all of my film work can be shown due to copyright.
Creative Eye Animatic
Kate Shugak Concept Art
Bird Characters
Background plate for "My Quiet Spot"
And Man Created Dog
Creative Eye Animatic
Bird Characters
Still from "Dear Dad"
Creative Eye Animatic
Creative Eye Animatic
Kate Shugak Promotional Material
Evergreen Christmas Card
Creative Eye Animatic


"Creative Eye" Animatic Trailer 

The promotional trailer for Selene Creative's upcoming short film. 

Revival Retro Animatic

I created a few storyboard animatics for Revival Retro's upcoming internet spots. This one was to showcase one of the store's newest additions: the New York Lady dress.

"Dear Dad": A Storyboard Animatic

This was my senior animation project from my days at Vassar College. I wanted to do a short film about my life at Vassar before it was gone forever and little details dissolved into forgetfulness. I used to write a letter to my Dad almost every day at school, documenting what I'd done that day, so that became the frame for a little story of my last day at Vassar. 


Unfortunately, I was unable to animate it, since a year is only so long, but this is the storyboard reel of what would have been fully animated if I only had the time. Also, I recorded the narration for the final presentation, but I'm not too fond of it, so here is the non-narrated version with the text scrolling instead. 

Ghost Town

This was a project done in my Computer Animation Class in 2007. We had a week to create an environment and a short scene with characters inside it. I made a ghost town (which you can't see very well since it's so dark... my bad) with a ghost man taking his ghost lady out for a night on the town. 

Bouncing Check

This was one of the first hand-drawn animations I'd attempted in my summer animation class at Tisch/NYU. The assignment was to draw something bouncing. I'd heard over and over again about the bouncing ball test for animators, but I wanted to think out of the box...

My Quiet Spot

This was a short film done at the end of my summer animation techniques course at NYU/Tisch in summer of 2007. We were assigned to do an animated self-portrait, so I created my ideal setting. I ran out of time for the last shot, so I just quickly slapped on the girl sitting down to read at the end, which is why she's so jumpy. Maybe I'll really animate her someday...


Music is "Theme from Beauty and the Beast" by Emile Pandolfi.

Abstract Project

This was also from my computer animation class I took in 2007 at Vassar College. We were given a week to come up with a short, abstract piece. I mostly was playing around with shapes and light sources and this was the result. Forgive the bad quality... I didn't know much about exporting films in the right aspect ratio/etc back then. Music is "La Serenissima" by Loreena McKennitt.

Dance Cycles

This was a project done in a summer course I did at NYU/Tisch in the summer of 2007. The assignment was to find some things that repeat over and over and to make a cycle (animation that's looped over and over fluidly) for each of them to make a setting. Once again, I set my goals too high. I wanted to do a dance studio and have different dancers in different classes. However, a week later I had these dancers with no backrounds... Still fun, though!

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